‘Mr Wrinkles’ by Robert Pearce: Recommended Book!

”Mr Wrinkles loves going for long walks, so when he gets stuck in a hole one day, he doesn’t know what to do. But when all his friends come to his rescue Mr Wrinkles learns the importance of working together as a team”.

This is a lovely book that shows the importance and the power of working as a team. It also focuses on recognising and valuing our differences: ”My bird friends, even though you are not very strong, together your wings are stronger then the strongest lion”. We can all be there to help a good friend no matter how strong we are. It also teaches the children the value of appreciation and feeling thankful that our friends are there for us at difficult times. Children can also enjoy the nice illustrations of all the judge animals.

Some questions you can ask your children when you read ‘Mr Wrinkles’ to them are:

‘Which of your friends have you recently helped? How?’

‘Who do you talk to when you are sad or have a problem?’

‘How do you think that Mr Wrinkles felt when he was stuck in the hole? What about then his friends saved him?’ 



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