From individual sessions:

‘’This experience has been so amazing! I was so anxious about coming for therapy as I felt that no one could get me out of this difficult situation. Therapy changed my life! It has been an eye-opening experience...it is amazing. I also cannot believe how quickly I started feeling better. You have been fantastic- I could not have asked for more. I was concerned about therapy but you made me feel so relaxed. Thank you!’’

‘’I feel really grateful for your help. You have guided me in a very helpful way and I now feel that I am back to my normal self’’

‘’You have resolved a lot of problems for me: I had suicidal thoughts when I started therapy, but not anymore. I now include my husband more in my care and I am more open with him. I also make more of an effort in life and I do not avoid situations. Those sessions made me think about my relationships with people and clarify thoughts I did not identify before’’

‘’I enjoyed out talks and they have made me better. I sit and relax now which I could not do before. You listened to me. I would have had a mental health breakdown if I had not met you’’

From training and workshops:

‘’Probably the best course I have been on! ‘’

‘’Best delivery on any course I have attended’’

‘’Really enjoyed listening to you and learning from you! Thanks’’

‘’I really enjoyed the day and your delivery of the day was exceptional’’

‘’Excellent knowledge and delivery’’