Therapy For Me’s initiative during COVID-19

We are undoubtedly going through one of the most unexpected and challenging situations we might ever experience. I am pretty sure that if, 3 months ago, I told you that because of a public health issue, you would not be allowed to leave home, to go to work, to send your children to school, you would have laughed and ignored my comment. Shockingly, this has now been our reality for the last month and it continues to be…

COVID-19 and the quarantine have led to us battling with difficult thoughts and feelings. The disruptions in our routines, the perceived lack of control and freedom, the loneliness and the problems in communication are some of the factors that are making this period stressful. We all experience unpleasant feelings, in greater or lower intensity, and we are in a constant dilemma whether to communicate them or bottle them up. What would be more helpful in order for us to survive? Do we feel that our feelings become a burden on others? Do we identify behaviours in ourselves we do not like?

All these observations and challenges led to us taking an initiative in order to support the Greek-speaking community. As a psychologist/ CBT therapist, I felt that I could make use of my professional experience and knowledge to give people food for thought on how they can manage their difficult thoughts and feelings.

We started our FREE Instagram Lives 2 weeks ago and we are planning to cover topics, such as:

  • How can we identify feelings of fear and anxiety in ourselves?
  • What would be a helpful way to spend our quarantine?
  • Which are the harmful habits we are at risk of developing during quarantine?
  • What is the impact of quarantine on relationships?
  • How can we improve our communication during quarantine?
  • How can we manage uncertainty and the loss of work?
  • What is self-compassion and self-care?

Our Instagram Lives take place every Thursday at 6pm UK time (8pm Greek time) during the period of quarantine. Join us!

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