Wednesday: What can I do with my children today?

Today is the day that we ‘go with the flow’. Heraclitus once said that life is like a river – you cannot enter the same waters twice. When we resist something new, when we say no, it is usually because we use an old habit on a new situation. How nice would it be to live in the moment and allow life to take us to new exciting experiences and situations? Without resistance… without fighting for what we want to achieve in life. In the modern world, we often waste a lot of energy blaming people for being in the way of us achieving our goals. This is not a helpful approach: stop blaming anything or anyone that is not under your control and take responsibility for your actions and desires.   


Activities that parents/ carers can do with their children on Wednesday:

  1. Today discover the playful side of a chore with your children. Try to lift the barriers that are making chores and responsibilities less fun (e.g. time limits, threats, promises for financial benefits when the chore is completed). Remember that life does not depend on whether chores are completed or not. Work is not the source of happiness. The way in which you approach any type of work is more important than the work itself. Show your children the pleasurable side of chores and the most enjoyable way of approaching them. Turn every chore into a little game. For instance, sing while you are emptying the bins or do the washing up. Be creative and fun. How can you change your daily routines so that you enjoy what you do more?
  2. Spend a few minutes as a family focusing on limiting stress and tiredness. At dinner time, talk to your children about circumstances where you found solutions easier than you originally thought. The main message you try to give to your children is that life does not have to be considered as a big problem; it all depends on how we approach different situations. You can also talk to your children about useful tips they can adopt in life. For instance, encourage them to face their responsibilities with confidence. Remind them that they do not need to set themselves very high standards to the point they stress themselves out.
  3. Encourage your children to focus on their creativity and their effective problem-solving. You can ask them questions, such as: ‘Did you have any new ideas today?’, ‘Were you not surprised that you were able to find a solution that quickly to something that seemed that hard?’.



Source: ‘The seven spiritual laws for parents’, Deepak Chopra

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