Welcome to Therapy for me

The fact that you are on this website means that you have taken the first step towards changing life situations, experiences and symptoms that are putting pressure on you and are holding you back in some way.

We are all going through experiences and transitional phases that can lead to difficult emotions and negative thoughts about ourselves and the future. It is ironic but those experiences are not only negative ones (such as: a bereavement, the end of a relationship and financial pressures) but also positive ones (such as: adulthood, becoming a parent and progressing in our job).

In order for those transitions to be successful, a range of skills are required: patience, persistence, ability to accept a change and creativity to adapt to the new situation. It is, therefore, unrealistic for us to believe that we should always be able to cope without support and that asking for help is a sign of weakness. We all have strengths and positive qualities but how much do we recognise and give life to those parts of ourselves?

My view is that strong people are the ones who are able to identify areas in their life that they are not satisfied with and then take action to improve them. It is undoubtable that this is not an easy step to take as we do not always feel prepared, ready or motivated to address this. However, how likely is for a problem to be resolved without our active role and participation?

I am here in order to join you and support you in this journey towards your goals for self and life improvement…